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CProgPositivity - Christian media in Dallas, Texas, USA
Instruments:  Clavichord, Keyboard, Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship, Acoustic Folk Rock, Adult Contemporary, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Grunge Rock, Hard Rock-Metal, Instrumental Rock, Modern Rock, Pop Rock, Progressive Rock, Punk Rock, ... more
Description:  May you: a) Love the LORD with all your heart, all your mind, and with all your strength, b) Love your neighbor as yourself, c) Be born ... more

anvil72 - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA
Instruments:  4 String Bass Guitar, 5+ String Bass Guitar
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship, Traditional Praise-Worship-Gospel
Description:  Looking to Join or form a Christian band. Available to practice during the day (9am-4pm) every day but Sunday. Maybe 1-2 times per week. When ... more

Michael Fobes - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Instruments:  4 String Bass Guitar, Drum Kit, Classical Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Backup Vocal, Lead Vocal
Genres:  Country, Solo Instrument, Traditional Praise-Worship-Gospel, Alternative Rock
Description:  Just here to worship

david dancy - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
Instruments:  Drum Kit
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship
Description:  God bless all who are inspired and moved to spread the word of God

Tbrown89 - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Catford, London Borough of Lewisham, United Kingdom
Instruments:  Steel String Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Acoustic Piano, Alto Vocal, Backup Vocal
Genres:  Spoken Word, Contemporary Praise-Worship, Traditional Praise-Worship-Gospel, Urban Contemporary Gospel-Praise-Worship, Acoustic Folk Rock, Adult Contemporary, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock-Metal, Modern Rock, Pop Rock, Punk Rock, ... more
Description:  Music is something intake very seriously. God has brought me on this journey where I now understand more than ever that this is what I'm ... more

Jeremy Wilson - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Irondale, Alabama, USA
Instruments:  African Drums-Percussion, Bass Drum, Bell, Bongo, Chime, Clave, Conga, Cowbell, Cymbal, Djembe, Snare, Tambourine
Genres:  Blues Rock, Country Blues, Gospel Blues, Piano Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Alternative Country, Americana Country, Bluegrass Country, Country, Country Rock, Honky Tonk, Alternative Hip-Hop, ... more
Description:  Well thats easy... anything of importance ;)

JohnDrumTeacher - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Orlando, Florida, USA
Instruments:  Bongo, Chime, Conga, Cowbell, Cymbal, Djembe, Drum Kit, Maraca, Snare, Tambourine
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship
Description:  Our band, "Just a Few Frogs", are looking for a bass and electric guitar player. We have a heart to reach out to this world and spread the ... more

Men in Trees  - Christian bluegrass gospel band in Crestline, California, USA
Genres:  Blues Rock, Delta Blues, Groove, Jazz Blues, Jazz Rock, A Capella, Bluegrass Gospel, Contemporary Praise-Worship, Country Praise-Worship, Progressive Southern Gospel, Southern Gospel, Traditional Praise-Worship-Gospel
Description:  We are dedicated and will go 100% for any opportunity placed before us.

mstiel4 - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Burnsville, Minnesota, USA
Instruments:  4 String Bass Guitar
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship
Description:  I can pick up most music, just need a little time, patience and practice.

Mic Rhoads - Christian business in Regan, North Dakota, USA
Instruments:  4 String Bass Guitar, Classical Acoustic Guitar, Other Vocal
Genres:  Instrumental, Chill-Lounge Praise-Worship, Contemporary Praise-Worship, Traditional Praise-Worship-Gospel, Acoustic Folk Rock, Adult Contemporary, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Ska Rock, Southern Rock
Description:  I'm simply looking for musicians. A worship band, possibly, but right now someone for our Harvest Festival.

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