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Thomas Baines - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Lancaster, South Carolina, USA
Instruments:  Bongo, Clave, Conga, Cowbell, Cymbal, Djembe, Drum Kit, Snare, Tambourine
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship, Traditional Praise-Worship-Gospel, Urban Contemporary Gospel-Praise-Worship, Adult Contemporary, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Grunge Rock, Modern Rock, Pop Rock, Progressive Rock, Soft Rock, Southern Rock
Description:  I hope to hear from you. Because I want to be an in your face band, see demons run, see people set free and so on. I hope to hear from you.

Redemption Ministry  - Christian bluegrass gospel band in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Genres:  Choral, Classical, Humor-Parodies, Instrumental, Spoken Word, Chill-Lounge Praise-Worship, Progressive Southern Gospel, Traditional Praise-Worship-Gospel, Urban Contemporary Gospel-Praise-Worship
Description:  I love Gospel, and its my favorite

Daniel Morse - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Hartford, Michigan, USA
Instruments:  12 String Acoustic Guitar, Classical Acoustic Guitar, Steel String Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
Genres:  Alternative Country, Americana Country, Bluegrass Country, Country, Country Rock, Honky Tonk, Modern Country, Traditional Country-Western, Bluegrass Gospel, Chill-Lounge Praise-Worship, Contemporary Praise-Worship, Country Praise-Worship, ... more
Description:  Currently a teacher so band would be a part-time gig

sam mason - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Redding, California, USA
Genres:  Abstract Hip-Hop, Christian Hip-Hop, Experimental, Instrumental, Solo Instrument, Urban Contemporary Gospel-Praise-Worship, Acoustic Folk Rock
Description:  i'm lookin to see what opportunities Gods got for me and for all those who love his sound.

luvjesus - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Broadmoor, Colorado, USA
Instruments:  Other Vocal, Tenor Vocal
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship, Country Praise-Worship
Description:  Hi I am a solist looking for instrumental accompanyment

Shane Utz - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Westminster, Maryland, USA
Instruments:  Lead Vocal
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship, Adult Contemporary, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock-Metal, Modern Rock, Rock
Description:  The Lord wont let me rest..

jhcausby - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA
Instruments:  4 String Bass Guitar
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship, Acoustic Folk Rock, Adult Contemporary, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Pop Rock, Punk Rock, Rock, Ska Rock, Soft Rock
Description:  I love playing and making music and want to use the gift I've been given and I hope to have the opportunity to make a career out it.

flgator03 - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Lake Placid, Florida, USA
Instruments:  Bongo, Conga, Djembe, Drum Kit, Snare
Genres:  Country Rock, Honky Tonk, Modern Country, Contemporary Praise-Worship, Progressive Southern Gospel, Southern Gospel, Traditional Praise-Worship-Gospel, Urban Contemporary Gospel-Praise-Worship, Adult Contemporary, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock-Metal, ... more
Description:  Must be christian

ron kale - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA
Instruments:  4 String Bass Guitar, Classical Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Baritone Vocal, Lead Vocal
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship
Description:  this is PRECIOUS FATHERS call for me and must fulfill his command.

jon aliperto - Christian business in Littleton, Colorado, USA
Genres:  Alternative Hip-Hop, Political Hip-Hop, Contemporary Praise-Worship, Urban Contemporary Gospel-Praise-Worship
Description:  I can produce rap sing mix and master your songs.I have a long list of industry plugins and over 10 years of experiance in recording.

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