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David Perry - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Forney, Texas, USA
Instruments:  4 String Bass Guitar, 5+ String Bass Guitar, Acoustic Bass Guitar, Fretless Bass Guitar, Standup Bass, Drum Kit
Genres:  Blues Rock, Chicago Blues, Country Blues, Detroit Blues, Gospel Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Texas Blues, Americana Country, Bluegrass Country, Country, Country Rock, Honky Tonk, ... more
Description:  Looking to work!!

Andy Calderon - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Houston, Texas, USA
Instruments:  Drums-Percussion
Genres:  Blues Rock, Gospel Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Texas Blues, Alternative Hip-Hop, Christian Hip-Hop, Contemporary Jazz, Cool Jazz, Groove, Jazz Blues, Jazz Funk, Jazz Fusion, ... more
Description:  I am college student and I majoring on music performance. I love worshiping God throughout music and I am a follower of Jesus. I like to ... more

bwyatt1962 - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Asheboro, North Carolina, USA
Instruments:  Drum Kit
Genres:  Blues Rock, Gospel Blues, Louisiana Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Country, Country Rock, Honky Tonk, Modern Country, Traditional Country-Western, Contemporary Praise-Worship, Country Praise-Worship, Progressive Southern Gospel, ... more
Description:  Don't let my age fool you. I'm very energetic, ready to play for God. I do like very upbeat music and can play with musicians my age, older ... more

Upward Bound  - Christian bluegrass gospel band in King, North Carolina, USA
Genres:  Bluegrass Gospel, Contemporary Praise-Worship, Southern Gospel, Traditional Praise-Worship-Gospel
Description:  Seasoned musicians playing for The Lord seeking keyboardist/pianist and bass player

Larry Boyd - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Plymouth, North Carolina, USA
Instruments:  Baritone Vocal, Lead Vocal
Genres:  Christian Hip-Hop, Contemporary Praise-Worship, Urban Contemporary Gospel-Praise-Worship
Description:  I am determined to spread the Word through music. I know that there are some people out there that are motivated like I am.

RIchard Durante - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Milton, Ontario, Canada
Instruments:  Electric Guitar
Genres:  Country Praise-Worship, Traditional Praise-Worship-Gospel, Classic Rock, Hard Rock-Metal, Rock
Description:  I lost my father when I was 14 and I have wanted to play music in his memory and I enjoy playing Christian music and Rock. I have a talent at ... more

Lucian Durso - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in New York, New York, USA
Instruments:  4 String Bass Guitar, Classical Acoustic Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
Genres:  Americana Country, Country Rock, Honky Tonk, Modern Country, Contemporary Praise-Worship, Country Praise-Worship, Adult Contemporary, Classic Rock, Instrumental Rock, Pop Rock, Rock, Rockabilly, ... more
Description:  Spread the word through your music

mwood777 - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Tampa, Florida, USA
Instruments:  Keyboard, Acoustic Piano, Alto Vocal, Backup Vocal, Lead Vocal, Soprano Vocal
Genres:  Contemporary Jazz, Groove, Jazz Blues, Pop Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Vocal Jazz, Bluegrass Gospel, Chill-Lounge Praise-Worship, Contemporary Praise-Worship, Country Praise-Worship, Dance-Techno Praise-Worship, Southern Gospel, ... more
Description:  We are a developing non denominational, Bible teaching church in Clearwater/Palm Harbor Florida. We are in search of like minded keyboard ... more

Steve Huff - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Knightdale, North Carolina, USA
Instruments:  Keyboard, Acoustic Piano
Genres:  Piano Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz Blues, Latin Jazz, Swing, Instrumental, Solo Instrument, Spoken Word, Contemporary Praise-Worship, Acoustic Folk Rock, Instrumental Rock, Celtic, ... more
Description:  I love Jesus, Family, sharing the good news through testimony, music and worship.

Timothy William - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Des Plaines, Illinois, USA
Instruments:  Lead Vocal, Other Vocal
Genres:  Blues Rock, Country Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Country Rock, Traditional Country-Western, Bluegrass Gospel, Country Praise-Worship, Progressive Southern Gospel, Southern Gospel
Description:  Looking for: (don't really have extra gear) slide lead player bassit Back up vocals Back up Percussion ex: tambourine, maraccas

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