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John Robie - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Marshfield Center, Massachusetts, USA
Instruments:  Steel String Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Lead Vocal, Tenor Vocal
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship, Traditional Praise-Worship-Gospel
Description:  I'm at my best when giving it all to the glory of God.

John McGrath - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Brockton, Massachusetts, USA
Instruments:  Drum Kit
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship, Country Praise-Worship
Description:  My heart's desire is to use the ability God has given me to glorify Him. Although there are many bands out there looking for drummers, I am ... more

The Followers  - Christian bluegrass gospel band in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
Genres:  Gospel Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Country, Country Rock, Contemporary Praise-Worship, Country Praise-Worship, Traditional Praise-Worship-Gospel
Description:  Looking for fellow musicians to praise our God through music

AD 30  - Christian bluegrass gospel band in Waynesboro, Virginia, USA
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship, Southern Gospel, Classic Rock, Hard Rock-Metal, Modern Rock, Rock, Southern Rock
Description:  A.D. 30 is a Christian Rock Band Music Ministry, we have just released our debut album titled "Believe". Our lyrics are a mixture of ... more

Thomas Nicholson - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Monmouth, Oregon, USA
Instruments:  5+ String Bass Guitar, 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Classical Acoustic Guitar, Steel String Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Backup Vocal, Baritone Vocal, Tenor Vocal
Genres:  Dance, Disco, Electronic, House, Industrial, Techno, Alternative Hip-Hop, Christian Hip-Hop, Dixieland, Groove, Jazz Blues, Jazz Funk, ... more
Description:  When it comes down to it, everything is all about God. No matter how great we are or think we are, if what we do is not for God it is like ... more

choirboy1112 - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Ozark, Alabama, USA
Instruments:  Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Synthesizer, Keyboard, Electric Piano, Baritone Vocal
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship, Progressive Southern Gospel, Southern Gospel, Classic Rock
Description:  Looking to see if there is interest from an existing band or possiblilty of forming a band. Purpose for performing at churches, festivals, ... more

Shane Mitchell - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Lakeland, Florida, USA
Instruments:  Baritone Vocal, Lead Vocal, Tenor Vocal
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship
Description:  I am looking for a pianist/keyboard player for a paid position at our Church. Please feel free to contact me by email at

Rick Kendall - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Turlock, California, USA
Instruments:  African Drums-Percussion, Conga, Drum Kit
Genres:  Country, Country Rock, Contemporary Jazz, Jazz Funk, Jazz Rock, Pop Jazz, Contemporary Praise-Worship, Country Praise-Worship, Adult Contemporary, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Progressive Rock, ... more
Description:  I was contacted by a talent scout to audition for Eddie Money back in 1982 but was under contract for another band based out of cleveland ... more

Danny Knight - Christian business in Bridgwater, Somerset, United Kingdom
Instruments:  4 String Bass Guitar, African Drums-Percussion, Classical Acoustic Guitar, Clavichord, Autoharp, Alto Vocal
Genres:  Blues Rock, Contemporary Praise-Worship, Country Praise-Worship, Alternative Rock
Description:  We are looking for talented musicians which will commit (long term) to play live in youth events every month. We have 90+ kids which come to ... more

Brian Poarch - Christian bluegrass gospel musician in Hickory, North Carolina, USA
Instruments:  12 String Acoustic Guitar, Classical Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Backup Vocal, Baritone Vocal, Lead Vocal
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship, Adult Contemporary, Classic Rock, Instrumental Rock, Modern Rock, Pop Rock, Rock
Description:  looking for musicians to start a band; already have written songs and potential members very skilled; must be disciplined for practice ... more

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