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Cassi Snyder - Christian classic rock musician in Huntington Beach, California, USA
Instruments:  Alto Vocal, Lead Vocal, Soprano Vocal
Genres:  A Capella, Solo Instrument, Contemporary Praise-Worship, Adult Contemporary, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Pop Rock, Rock, Soft Rock, Southern Rock
Description:  Seriously pursuing a musical career. Forming band to jam, play, pursue record deal.

Erin Wood - Christian classic rock musician in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Instruments:  African Drums-Percussion, Bass Drum, Bell, Chime, Conga, Drum Kit, Handbell, Maraca, Sampler, Turntable
Genres:  Blues Rock, Gospel Blues, Americana Country, Country Rock, Christian Hip-Hop, Calypso, Contemporary Jazz, Jazz Blues, Jazz Funk, Jazz Fusion, Pop Jazz, Childrens, ... more
Description:  I know God has given me this gift. That is why I want to play for a Christian artist. I believe musician must start to take a stand for Gods music!

weebleandme1 - Christian classic rock musician in Matthews, North Carolina, USA
Instruments:  Drums-Percussion, Guitar, Keyboard, Voice
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship, Traditional Praise-Worship-Gospel, Adult Contemporary, Classic Rock, Hard Rock-Metal, Modern Rock, Rock, Soft Rock
Description:  c

Copper Coins  - Christian classic rock band in Waverly, New York, USA
Genres:  Blues Rock, Modern Country, Contemporary Praise-Worship, Country Praise-Worship, Adult Contemporary, Classic Rock, Rock, Soft Rock, Southern Rock
Description:  Copper Coins seeks to glorify God and spread the good news of salvation through music and song. It is our hope that, through our music and ... more

Jonathan Varnes - Christian classic rock musician in Hilliard, Florida, USA
Instruments:  Bass, Drums-Percussion, Keyboard, Voice
Genres:  Blues Rock, Chicago Blues, Country Blues, Delta Blues, Detroit Blues, Gospel Blues, Louisiana Blues, Piano Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Texas Blues, Alternative Country, Americana Country, ... more
Description:  I'm a praise and worship leader at my church. I've played many types of music throughout my life time. Music is my heart and passion. My ... more

walkoffaith - Christian classic rock band in Dallas, Texas, USA
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship, Acoustic Folk Rock, Adult Contemporary, Classic Rock, Instrumental Rock, Rock, Soft Rock
Description:  We want to have a career in the Music Industry. God has called us to do this and we want to use the talents He's given us to glorify Him. ... more

cortman - Christian classic rock musician in Springfield, Illinois, USA
Instruments:  Steel String Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Baritone Vocal, Lead Vocal
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship, Traditional Praise-Worship-Gospel, Adult Contemporary, Classic Rock, Grunge Rock, Modern Rock, Rock, Southern Rock
Description:  I love the Lord, I want to praise Him, serve Him and have all the glory go to Him.

litmuspaper - Christian classic rock musician in Irwin, Pennsylvania, USA
Instruments:  4 String Bass Guitar, 5+ String Bass Guitar, Drum Kit
Genres:  Blues Rock, Dance, Industrial, Psychadelic, Childrens, Experimental, Humor-Parodies, Instrumental, Contemporary Praise-Worship, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Instrumental Rock, ... more
Description:  .

George Dosal - Christian classic rock musician in Davie, Florida, USA
Instruments:  Bongo, Conga, Drum Kit, Timpani
Genres:  Contemporary Praise-Worship, Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Rock
Description:  Music and drumming is a passion I love and am so grateful the Lord gave me that to share. I want to do something special with other well ... more

Scott Buwalda - Christian classic rock musician in Cumming, Georgia, USA
Instruments:  Bass Drum, Bell, Conga, Cowbell, Cymbal, Drum Kit, Snare, Tambourine, Alto Vocal, Backup Vocal, Tenor Vocal
Genres:  Blues Rock, Texas Blues, Contemporary Jazz, Jazz Blues, Jazz Funk, Jazz Fusion, Jazz Rock, Pop Jazz, Instrumental, Adult Contemporary, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, ... more
Description:  Christian musician re-ignited with passion for music and performance, looking to find like-minded individuals to join or form a Christian ... more

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